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The Eh List

Celebrating great actors by dissecting the terrible movies they somehow decided to make.

170x170bbBy Henry Kraemer, Michelle Dobosh, Brandon Marcus

The Eh List finds three brave hosts delving into the some of the worst movies from the best stars. Even your favorite Hollywood actor has made a few stinkers and Henry, Brandon and Michelle take it upon themselves to watch every single one. Because SOMEONE has to do it!

Episodes available on iTunes and all major podcatchers.


Wild Speculation

A podcast of decisive answers to urgent hypothetical questions.

170x170bb (1)

By Brandon Marcus, Henry Kraemer

What would happen if dinosaurs were still around? What if everyone had superpowers? What if we never invented the wheel? What if, what if, what if? Wild Speculation finds our co-hosts, Henry Kraemer and Brandon Marcus, discussing the bizarre, ridiculous, stupid questions that no one else is brave – or dumb – enough to ask.

Episodes available on iTunes and all major podcatchers [new episodes no longer in production]

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